Hello!  This blog’s author here.

I guess I should tell you guys a bit about me here.  In one (long-winded) sentence, I’d say  I’m a 25 year-old fun-loving rather geek-ish bookworm (confused yet?)  living in the most idyllic South American country evah.  

English is my second language, so don’t be too surprised if, occasionally, my grammar strikes you as -er- less than perfect.

I am an ENFP.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue of what that means, I will explain that further when the time comes.

I started blogging for a number of reasons, the three main ones being:

a) My imminent approach to ‘old age’ before owning a bit of cyberspace.  They say that being Blogless at 30 is the new Old Spinster!  Can’t have that happen to me.

b) A burning desire to speak of my lovely country and everything that is great about it, which will ensure I will always have something new and pleasant to say;  and

c) My own scatterbrained-and-talkative nature makes it absolutely necessary for me to blog.  Where else am I to let out all these words trapped within me?

I truly hope and want you to enjoy reading me, but don’t be sorry if you don’t: I’m enjoying myself anyway. 🙂

Have fun,

Girl from Shangri-La.


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