So yeah, Paradise

May 7, 2010

Remember Evidence # 1?

Yes, the sky can look very pretty over here, too.

As in most places on the surface of the earth at some time or other, I guess.

You know what else we’ve got?

Let me show you.


 Evidence # 2:

The grass is really, really green here.

See? Green!



Not all that green, and not grass either, but it’s vegetation anyway.



Want some more? Here goes.


This is what ferns, grass and trees look from a distance

This is what ferns, grass and trees look from a distance

Isn’t my homeland pretty?



Time for some flowers now?  Yes?  Okay!


Hibiscus: very tropical!


Cute little things…


Taken with a mobile phone.

Sorry for the bad image quality!


A flower I love.

I'd appreciate it if you could help me find out the name of this flower in English...

If you know the name of this flower/plant in English, please let me know.


A close-up of same flower.


And for your patience, here goes my favorite bamboo photo ever:

Light shines through bamboo leaves


I hope you enjoyed!

See you again, soon.


Paradise, really?

March 19, 2010

Okay, so by now you must be wondering why I think my homeland deserves Shangri-La status in my eyes.  That, my dear readers, is a question that will be answered bit by bit, drop by drop.

Let our eyes feast, however, in just one drop in my bucket full of reasons.

These photos* were taken with my trashy point-and-shoot camera, and have undergone no editing or touching up process whatsoever.  Pinky promise.  They are not best quality either -sorry about that-, but hopefully, my point will come across just as well.  Hopefully.

So!  Evidence # 1:

In Shangri-La, we have the blues skies you will ever find.  See:

Navy blue

Er, yes, not the hue of blue one might expect.  Let’s see what else I got at hand… 



Can you believe this shade of blue?

Okay, that one is blue, isn’t it?  Not what I had on mind, but oh well.

Let’s see, what else, what else…?




Again, not the bluest, but  still pretty.  There must be something else yet…




Euh, I am sure we had some actual blue somewhere…



Can you see the blue?  Eeh, eeh?!

There is blue in there, alright… even if just in the rainbow.

But since we are posting photos and all, why not give this baby a chance, as well?  Here goes…

Very, very mild


Hope you enjoyed today’s sky session.   Sure, it did not prove my point, but hopefully it was still amusing.

I will try to gather more evidence for the next post.  Stay tuned!

With love, from Paradise,

Girl from Shangri-La.

*Except for the rainbow photo. 

Thanks to cousin Roel for providing that one. 🙂